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We wanted to share this great article with you about outdoor spaces.   We love to create wonder decks and patios for our clients in the Tallahassee area.   If you are considering a change in an outdoor space at your home, please give Streety’s a call. Warm weather is perfect for entertaining outdoors. Creating a space […]

It is rather topical that as I write about surge protectors there is a severe thunderstorm warning for the Tallahassee area. If you’ve been hearing those menacing booms and crashes in the distance (or really, really close as was the case here), perhaps you’ve given some thought to whether your electronics are protected. Most people […]

Nothing beats relaxing in the shade or entertaining a group of guests on your own private deck. When you take the time to plan your deck for the way you live, the result can be a versatile living space and a value-boosting addition to your home. Trent Boozer, publisher of Extreme How-To magazine, notes his […]